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The Attributes of God - Book Study

June 26th - August 7th, 2017

BOOK: The Attributes of God

AUTHOR: Arthur W. Pink

HOST: Ginny Rutherford

LOCATION: Stapleton

This classic work of Arthur W. Pink invites readers to discover the truth about seventeen attributes of God, including his sovereignty, immutability, patience, love, faithfulness, and much more.


  • If you have any questions regarding this study you can contact Ginny Rutherford at or 720.261.6602.

  • This group will cap at 9 people. It is first come, first serve.

  • Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own copy of the book.

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Sacred Rhythms - Women's Book Study

June 27th - August 8th, 2017

BOOK: Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation

AUTHOR: Ruth Haley Barton

HOST: Nina Walch

LOCATION: Meg Brown's home in Stapleton

Do you long for a deep, fundamental change in your life with God? Do you desire a greater intimacy with God? Do you wonder how you might truly live your life as God created you to live it? Spiritual disciplines are activities that open us to God's transforming love and the changes that only God can bring about in our lives. Picking up on the monastic tradition of creating a "rule of life" that allows for regular space for the practice of the spiritual disciplines, this book takes you more deeply into understanding seven key disciplines along with practical ideas for weaving them into everyday life.


  • This group is for WOMEN ONLY.

  • Group participants are responsible for purchasing both the book and the participant's guide.

  • If you have any questions regarding this book study you can contact Nina Walch at

Faith work

Faith + Work: Technology and Rest

June 27th, 2017

LOCATION: Sharpes' home in Whittier (address will be sent in confirmation email)

The God of the Bible cares deeply about the needs of humanity and gave the created world healthy rhythms and ways to flourish (not just for Christians, but for every last person who’s ever lived). One of these rhythms that God himself exemplifies is REST. We often talk about resting from work, or resting one day a week, but what we don’t often discuss is the impact of technology on these rhythms. Technology is a very good thing, and has transformed our ability to be productive and communicate, in the workplace and everywhere. We also have constant access to information, entertainment, and visual stimulation, and opportunities to be busy. Is participating in technology 24/7 truly restful? Why do most of us feel a revulsion to being unplugged, even for a few hours, and spending time alone? What does constant access to our technology do to our thought life, our creative life, our relational life, or even our identity, in work and in the world around us? In this conversation we seek to determine what resting truly is, what God had in mind for us as we commit ourselves to our work and interact with the world around us.

  • Dessert and light snacks will be provided.

  • Childcare not provided.


The Prodigal God - Book Study

June 29th - July 13th, 2017

BOOK: The Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith

AUTHOR: Tim Keller

So, you thought the parable of "the prodigal son" (Luke 15) was about a selfish boy gone wrong or maybe a jealous older brother? The parable certainly describes two kinds of "lost" people, not just one. The younger brother in Jesus' story demands his inheritance early and squanders it on wild selfish living. But the conforming "elder brother" in the parable is no less lost. Keller tells us, "Jesus uses the younger and elder brothers to portray the two basic ways people try to find happiness and fulfillment: the way of moral conformity and the way of self-discovery." Both brothers have sinned and do not know the love of the Father.

What both brothers need is the upside down world view of Jesus, "the true elder brother," the one who rushes to our rescue at his own expense. Only through His grace are we given hope and invited to the great feast of the Father. In this study we will see how we are loved beyond all measure by our God and Savior!


  • Location is currently TBD. Based on registrations Henry Gardiner will pick a location central to everyone who signed up. If you have any questions regarding this study you may contact him at 303.907.7252 or

  • Participants are responsible for providing their own copy of the book.


Youth Groups Movie Night: The Princess Bride

June 30th, 2017

At the WALCH RESIDENCE 2069 Uinta St. The Princess Bride. Nearly 30 years old, and still one of the most quoted movies.  Join us to watch this cinema classic and to discuss why it has become such a lasting, quotable movie. We will have soft drinks and some popcorn, and feel free to bring your own favorite movie snack.  Members of both Junior and Senior High are welcome to attend.


Real Work-Evening Study

July 10th, 2017

BOOK: Real Work

AUTHOR: Jenn Peppers

LOCATION: Jenn Peppers home in Stapleton (address will be provided after registering)

What if we’ve made finding what work we’re meant to do too complicated?

Recent studies indicate that about 70% of Americans are dissatisfied with their work. Are you one of them? If so, you know this impacts many things like your health and relationships. For various reasons you might feel stuck or unsure how or if to pursue a career transition. It may seem that you have no options or too many to choose from. Either way, Real Work presents fundamental concepts to help you move toward more satisfying work that aligns with how God created you.

Real Work will guide you through a series of fifteen topics and related exercises designed to help you discover the truth about who you are and what you’re meant to do next. You will gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles in your way and the wisdom in slowing down to listen before taking the next step. As you begin to get unstuck, you will start to see new possibilities open up for you.

It may be that when we no longer know what to do We have come to our real work. ~Wendell Berry, “The Real Work”

Hebrews 11

Hall of Faith-A Study on Hebrews 11

July 16th - August 20th, 2017

BOOK: Hebrews, chapter 11

HOST: Thomas Tran

LOCATION: Avanti, 3200 Pecos St., Denver

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." What does faith mean to you? What challenges keep us from having faith? In this study, we'll explore these two questions as we look into the lives of those inducted into the 'Hall of Faith', as described in Hebrews 11.


  • If you have any questions regarding the study please contact Thomas Tran at 303.264.7210 or

  • If you need a Bible for the study please contact Nancy Nelson at


Medicine and the Church: Good Answers Need Good Questions

July 19th, 2017

Have you been struggling with the rising costs of healthcare? Or maybe you wonder what approach you should take to alternative and mainstream medicine?

Join us for an evening with Denver Presbyterian member Phil Fung, MD and PhD candidate in health care ethics and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. We will discuss a few of the hard questions surrounding the practice and use of medicine in our culture and why the Church needs to ask good questions to find good answers.

We welcome questions before and during the discussion. Please note that we will not have time to answer all questions and we will be selective on what can be answered in the allotted time.


  • Childcare not provided.

  • Dessert, light snacks, and beverages provided.

  • Location TBD

Beer taps

Pub Night

July 21st, 2017

Join us for food and drinks at First Draft in RiNo. This is a great opportunity to bring your friends and connect with others from the church with no agenda except to hang out.

1309 26th Street, Denver, CO 80205


The Fishermen-Book Study

August 2nd - August 23rd, 2017

BOOK: The Fishermen

AUTHOR: Chigozie Obioma

HOST: Jennifer Topale


The Fishermen is a debut novel by a postcolonial Nigerian writer about four brothers and the tragic result of listening to what they believe is a prophetic message from an outsider. The novel deals with questions of identity, family loyalty, superstition and the influences of both traditional African belief systems and Christianity. This novel is not a Christian novel and has some adult content.


  • Participants are required to purchase their own copy of the book.

  • Location will be determined once registration is closed.

  • If you have any questions regarding the study please contact Jennifer Topale at


Men's Golf Outing

August 10th, 2017

Come enjoy a round of golf with a few buddies. This event will be held at City Park, Park Hill, or Green Valley Ranch depending on registrations and available tee times. Please do your best to be registered a week out to help us secure tee times. Tee times will start at 6pm so come ready to play then. Bring your friends!

Clothing swap

Ladies' Clothing Swap

August 26th, 2017

Location: Teresa Poole's home in Stapleton (address will be provided after registering)

You know all those clothes you have left in your closet and no longer wear but have no time to haul them to Goodwill? Bring them to our ladies' clothing swap evening! This is a fun way to be with your friends and recycle your closet. This also includes maternity clothes you think you could pass on to our growing community. There will be drinks and dessert provided but no childcare. Hope to see you there!